With an increasing number of consumers across the Middle East shifting towards settling their payments using electronic cards, and in accordance with the latest global payment trends, it is essential that financial institutions, wealth management corporations, payment service providers and retailers worldwide ensure that the credit, debit or prepaid cards they offer their customers are secure, flexible and reliable in order to fulfill their payment needs.


Middle East Payment Services (MEPS) is an innovative regional payment service provider, offering secure e-commerce payment gateway solutions, PCI and security services, as well as a comprehensive set of customized value-added services that meets the growing demand for payment solutions throughout the region. MEPS is a payment processor, card issuer and merchant acquirer of payment cards in Jordan, Palestine and Iraq.


MEPS currently caters to financial institutions as well as to retailers and corporations, facilitating all their credit, debit and prepaid card transactions through third party processing, ATM management, merchant acquiring, e-payment gateway solutions, mobile payments and a range of point-of-sale (POS) services.


MEPS provides an extensive lineup of services that ultimately enhances banks’ and other businesses’ payment services, in addition to offering unparalleled security for consumers across the Middle East. 



The hub of MEPS’ operations is Jordan, where it promotes a secure field of electronic payment services while adhering to the e-government program that seeks to expand the implementation of electronic governmental transactions across the Kingdom. From its headquarters in Amman, MEPS aims at accelerating the working pace at banks, businesses and governmental and financial institutions, subsequently improving the level of customer service they provide.




MEPS has been present in Iraq -since 2009.
Offering the market many services such as cards issuance, ATM driving and POS management, MEPS has further plans to expand the wide range of advanced banking products and services it extends by adding new services in the electronic payment field.




With the use of electronic payments growing rapidly in Palestine, MEPS is currently licensed to perform issuing and acquiring activities. It has been operating in Palestine since 2009, serving several banks for cards issuance, ATM driving and management services, as well as POS management.

MEPS Brand Values




MEPS’ brand values not only define us, but also complement one another, with all three reaffirming the one core value imperative to delivering top-notch financial services: Security. The confidence that clients have in MEPS’ integrity, service quality, skill set and innovative technologies builds a solid foundation of trust that allows business partnerships to thrive and succeed.



To maintain MEPS’ continuous progress and pioneering standing within the local and regional card payment services industry, as well as to garner international recognition as a leading organization that is committed to best practices, unparalleled services and innovative technological solutions.



To position MEPS as the premier leading hub for electronic and mobile payment solutions for financial institutions, corporations, SMEs and individuals across the Middle East by introducing advanced, innovative cutting-edge secure payment solutions.

Secure Payment Services You Can Trust


As it strives to increase controls around cardholder data and reduce credit card fraud via its exposure, MEPS became certified in Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in June 2012. The PCI DSS is regarded as an information security standard for organizations that handle cardholder information for major debit, credit, prepaid, e-wallet, ATM and POS cards.


Additionally, MEPS was an active Participating Organization member of the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). As the first and only PCI SSC Board of Advisors representative from the Pan-Arab region, MEPS is able to positively contribute to countering cybercrime and to the global PCI security community at large.


We offer the following comprehensive PCI security consultancy services:

  1. Environment GAP Analysis
  2. Scope Minimization
  3. Remediation Plan, Guidance and Implementation
  4. Standard Security Configuration Assessment and Hardening
  5. Information Security Policies and Procedures



Our Secret to Success

Outsourcing card and payment activities, as well as ATM management, to a trusted partner such as MEPS can enable
banks, merchants, individuals and other organizations to focus on their core business, maximize profits and minimize
risks. As we inevitably head toward a cashless society, this is one of the most critical relationships a business can
undertake. As a core component of its operations, MEPS seeks to establish successful, long-standing partnerships
with and earn the trust of major financial institutions and other organizations. MEPS achieves this by:
1. Adopting the latest technologies: MEPS’ solutions are built on state-of-the-art technologies in international payment systems and payment data hosting. By leveraging MEPS’ tailored, centralized and modular services, partners are able to offer their customers a full range of advanced electronic payment services.
2. Using top security standards: MEPS has been PCI DSS certified since June 2012 and was both an active Participating Organization member and a Board of Advisors representative of the PCI Security Standards Council.
3. Utilizing industry experience: Not only is MEPS owned by ten local and regional leading banks and companies, but it is also driven by a team that includes key personnel whose backgrounds complement and complete one another’s to create a comprehensive understanding of financial needs on both the business and technical fronts.

MEPS Strengths

  1. Regional Presence and Experience: Serving more than 10,000 merchants across Jordan, Iraq and Palestine.


  1. Financial Stability: Boasting financial stability through its regional operations and strategic shareholders.


  1. Security: PCI DSS certified, MEPS ensures optimum security for merchants and customers alike.


  1. Expansive Service Network: Covering merchants within different sectors and geographical locations in order to better serve all customers.


  1. Product Innovation: Continuously investing in and introducing cutting-edge technologies and solutions to effectively cater to customers’ rapidly evolving needs.


  1. Stakeholder Relations Management and Customer Care Support: Prioritizing customers and providing them with high-end support while efficiently managing relations with stakeholders. This is achieved with the help of highly qualified, motivated and experienced sales and after-sales support teams, which ensure around-the-clock support for banks, merchants and customers alike.

“We intend to conduct our business in a way that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our customers, business partners, shareholders, and creditors, as well as the communities in which we operate and society at large” - Akira Mori








Capital Structure and Development

  • MEPS was established in 2009 with a paid-up capital of USD 7 million, distributed over 5 million shares. In the same year, MEPS increased its paid-up capital to USD 8.4 million
  • In 2012, MEPS raised its capital to USD 8.7 million following a write-off amounting to USD 2.8 million in 2010 and a capital injection of USD 3.1 million from its shareholders
  • In 2012, MEPS further augmented its capital to USD 11.5 million by introducing a new shareholder: MENA Applications and Telecommunication Services
  • In 2014, MEPS further augmented its capital to USD 12.1 million by introducing two new shareholder: Burgan Bank Turkey and Burgan Bank Kuwait.



“People are definitely a company’s greatest asset. It doesn't make any difference whether the product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the people it keeps” - Mary Kay Ash

The MEPS team comprises a group of highly skilled and qualified professionals, all of whom work in concord with each other based on a set corporate structure. The MEPS team is:

MEPS Executive Management:

Caesar H. Qulajen, Chairman 

Haethum Buttikhi, Vice Chairman 

Waleed Al-Naser, CEO

Omamah Sarayrah, Deputy CEO and Commercial Director 

Haitham Said, Deputy CEO and Banking Relations 

Amany Abu-Mallouh, Director of Finance

Saleem AbuAlail, Director of Operations

Meps in numbers

Year of Establishment






Capital (Million USD)



MEPS Services

  • Instant Issuance

    Providing a full instant issuing solution to instantly issue EMV and magnetic stripe financial cards to improve its level of customer service and experience to build a stronger relationships with its customers.

  • Local & Regional Settlement

    Allowing merchants settlement in local currency.

  • Call Center

    Offering a wide range of services for customers, merchants, banks with 24/7 availability including authorization services, cardholder and merchants support.

  • Merchants Facilities

    Establishing the foundation for merchants based on their POS acquiring volume that permits the merchant to use or withdraw more than they have in their account, without exceeding a specified maximum negative balance.

  • Web Service Solutions

    Providing cardholders with a state of the art cardholder online tool. The online portal can be accessed by cardholders online via their
    desktop, smartphones, and tablets. The portal is a customizable to provide financial and non-financial card related services.

  • Transaction Processing

    Outsourcing complete management of card services, from payment reconciliation to data storage, in addition to issuing, acquiring and processing all types of cards and card transactions.

  • Mobile Payment

    From bar code payments to NFC and BLE technologies, contactless and virtual cards with real-time top-up to mobile card readers and apps, we offer the full range of products for mobile payment solutions, in addition to JoMoPay national payment switch.

  • Card Issuing

    The issuance of multiple card types including credit, debit, prepaid, contactless, wearables, Islamic, private-label and co-branded cards, in addition to cards personalization and mailing. This is also compliant with multiple-payment schemes, EMV requirements.


  • Merchant & POS Acquiring

    From your cashier straight to your account, this is a simple process that helps businesses grow, accept a wide range of credit cards and expand card outreach through MEPS’ regional network.

  • ATM Driving and Management

    A comprehensive suite of ATM services including ATM driving and monitoring, ATM outsourcing, and value-added products. Our ATM services, ATM personalization and remote management products promote efficient ATM fleet management, improve your card holder experience, generate new revenue streams,  reduce the overall transaction time, operating costs and system downtime.


  • Fraud & Security Solutions

    Providing customers with advanced security experience using the Expert Monitoring System (EMS) and 3D secure services.

  • Security Solutions

    Providing payments, security and compliance services to companies, which market services involving payments or security. For example Applications Services Providers (ASP), Payments Services Providers (PSP), Merchant Services Providers (MSP), Payment Gateways and E-Commerce Web Hosting Service Providers.

  • Loyalty Solutions

    Guaranteeing the highest levels of customer satisfaction with an innovative reward system that is specifically built and tailored to meet customers’ requirements and expectations, allowing business to engage with their customers.

  • E-Commerce / MEPS Gate

    Offering unique and global solution to optimize payment gateway, business opportunity and enforcing safe, simple, and smart value proposition for accepting e-commerce transactions.

  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

    This service allows merchants to offer foreign cardholders the option to pay for goods and services in their own currency while merchants receive payments in their local currency.

  • Bill Payment/e-FAWATEERcom

    Providing integration with Jordan’s National Bill Payment Platform and facilitating the electronic collections of bill payments using POS devices and different card types.

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