Middle East Payment Services Rejoins PCI Security Standards Council 2015-2017 Board of Advisors

Middle East Payment Services (MEPS) - a leading, innovative payment services provider in the Middle East - has been re-elected to join the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) 2015-2017 Board of Advisors. This step positions MEPS as the first and only PCI SSC Board of Advisors representative from the Pan Arab region. Additionally, MEPS is an active PCI SSC Participating Organization, thus positively contributing to countering cybercrime and to the global PCI security community at large.   Under its capacity as Board of Advisors member, MEPS will provide directional and technical input on key matters related to maintaining the security standards that protect digital purchasing and payments. Areas of focus include promoting PCI awareness and training in the region, new cybercrime tactics, public-private law enforcement information sharing, application development and merchant needs in developing economies.       “We are pleased to have been re-appointed to the Board of Advisors for the upcoming two years, underscoring our efforts to improve payment data security and promote payment application security awareness to increase adoption of safe payment applications in the region. At MEPS, we strive to advance security standards to higher levels of adoption and strength, particularly in light of today’s growing network security threats, payment fraud risks and data breaches. This being said, we cannot think of a more prominent and progressive organization than the PCI SSC to help us achieve our goals in this regard,” stated MEPS Chairman, Dr. Abdul Malik Al Jaber.   On her part, IT & Operations Deputy CEO, and Primary Representative for MEPS on the PCI SSC Board of Advisors, Izdehar Safarini, stated, “We are truly honored to be representing the Arab World on the PCI SSC Board of Advisors for the second time. We look forward to actively contributing to and effectively raising awareness on secure payment service standards throughout the region, as well as to growing qualified local cadres that can help us achieve our goal."   In turn, PCI SSC General Manager, Stephen W. Orfei, commented, “Cybercrime is standing in the way of economic growth for all businesses, including start-ups in the developing world and multinationals. Criminal networks are well funded and highly motivated to steal our hard-earned money and our personal information. At the Council, we are grateful to have some of the best economic and security minds in the world joining the Board to help tackle the challenge that cybercriminals present. Cross-industry and global collaboration is critical to the work we are doing to protect payment transactions, and the Board of Advisors plays an important part in representing the perspectives of a wide variety of stakeholders. We are pleased to have MEPS on the Board as we work closely together to educate and protect against today’s global threats.”


Ameer Ben Malek, Jordan