Middle East Payment Services Partners with Cihan Bank for Islamic Investment and Finance in Iraq

  Amman, September 2015 - Bolstering its regional standing in the field of secure electronic payment services, Middle East Payment Services (MEPS) - a consortium of elite local and regional banks that serves as a leading, innovative payment services provider in the Middle East - has signed a partnership agreement with Cihan Bank for Islamic Investment and Finance. This step corresponds with the Bank’s goals to expand the wide range of advanced banking products and services it offers in Iraq by adding new services in the electronic payment field.   By virtue of the agreement, MEPS will provide various services comprising call centers and operating MasterCard point-of-sale (POS) devices. In addition, MEPS will issue the Bank’s payment cards at all its branches across Iraq, as Cihan Bank strives to provide all types of MasterCard including debit, credit and prepaid cards.   "We’re delighted at our new partnership with Cihan Bank as it corresponds with our goals to expand the availability of our services in the region and to boost our client base, which relies on credit cards in their transactions and purchases. Our partnership with the Bank will further enhance our position in Iraq and will give us the opportunity to share experiences and to understand customer’s requirements. In doing so, we will be able to better serve customers using cutting-edge tools and innovations in the electronic payment field," commented MEPS CEO, Khaled Zakaria.   In turn, Naz Bajger, Deputy General Manager of Cihan Bank for Islamic Investment and Finance, expressed her happiness at what she described is a constructive partnership by saying, “We’re pleased to sign an agreement with MEPS, for they will serve as our gateway into the MasterCard market. We believe that through this positive partnership, we’ll be able to penetrate the payment card and POS device markets in Iraq, and promote their widespread usage within a short period of time."


Ameer Ben Malek, Jordan