Middle East Payment Services Launches Ramadan Campaign

Amman, July 2013 - In celebration of the holy month, Middle East Payment Services (MEPS) - a licensed issuer and acquirer of MasterCard cards and a processor of all types of MasterCard transactions in Jordan and Palestine - is sponsoring three separate Ramadan Nights across Amman. These include 56 Café, 30 Sheesha Nights at The Millennium Hotel and Layali Zuwar at Zuwar Restaurant in Amman.   As part of its sponsorship, MEPS is offering visitors at the three venues a 10% discount on their total bill when using their MasterCard during the holy month.   Throughout Ramadan, MEPS will also be organizing several Quiz Nights at 30 Sheesha Nights and Layali Zuwar, and is giving away three prepaid MasterCards from Jordan Ahli Bank to the lucky winners. The cards are credited with JD 50 and can be recharged.   “We launched this first of its kind Ramadan campaign as part of our efforts to continuously deliver top-notch value-added services to our customers. Through this campaign we also aim to stay connected with our fellow community members and share with them the joys of this holy month. The step is part of a series of campaigns MEPS plans to launch during the second quarter of 2013, in line with our efforts to offer services, products and promotions that cater to the evolving needs of MasterCard holders,” commented MEPS Deputy CEO for Technical and Operations, Izdehar Safarini.   56 Café General Manager, Ali Aqrabawi, said, “The discount we offered in collaboration with MEPS has proved to be of great value to our clients, and it would be our pleasure to partner with MEPS in the future.”   In turn, Zuwar Restaurant Marketing Manager, Dina Alia, added, “Zuwar’s management is delighted to have partnered with MEPS on our Layali Zuwar Ramadan Nights. MEPS’ support has been key to Layali Zuwar’s success and we look forward to collaborating again in the near future.”   Also commenting on the partnership, 30 Sheesha Nights’ Events Director, Abdullah Ghattas, said, “With MEPS’ support, our 30 Sheesha Nights have achieved resounding success and have highlighted the Millennium Hotel as a host of great Ramadan events.”  


Ameer Ben Malek, Jordan