Middle East Payment Services Diamond Sponsor of Electronic & Mobile Payment Conference

Amman, January 2014 - Middle East Payment Services (MEPS) - a leading, innovative   payment services provider in the Levant - announced its diamond sponsorship of the    Electronic & Mobile Payment Conference for the second consecutive year. Organized by the    Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan (int@j) in collaboration    with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT) and the Central    Bank of Jordan (CBJ), the Electronic & Mobile Payment Conference took place on Tuesday 7    January, 2014, at the Sheraton Hotel in Amman.   The Electronic & Mobile Payment Conference was inaugurated by MEPS Chairman Dr. Abdul    Malek Jaber who, during his speech, discussed current e-Commerce challenges in Jordan,    the region and the world, and stressed the possibility of transforming these obstacles into    opportunities that, if tackled properly, could yield significant developmental and economic    results. Dr. Jaber also shed light on those of MEPS’ projects that are geared towards    enhancing e-Commerce and offering secure payment methods such as the MasterCard    Internet Gateway Services (MIGS), mobile payments and e-Vouchers.    During the Conference, Izdehar Safarini, Member of the Payment Card Industry (PCI)    Council’s Board of Advisors and MEPS’ Deputy CEO for Technical and Operations, spoke    about the PCI Council’s role in safeguarding the data security of payment cards and users,    and the importance of nurturing a solid base of qualified local experts in order to help    related organizations obtain the Data Security Standard accreditation. In turn, Dr. Ramzi Al    Sunna, Director of RandomStorm in the Middle East, covered fraudulent transactions within    the payment card industry and stressed the importance of finding effective solutions that    guarantee secure e-Commerce services.    “By sponsoring this bellwether industry event, we hope to underscore the importance of    the electronic and mobile payment sector and support CBJ and all related stakeholders in    developing it to reach its full potential," commented.In addition to positively impacting    e-Commerce, the sector also empowers SMEs by eliminating obstacles hindering their    expansion and enabling them to deliver their services on both a regional and international    scale. We are honoured to sponsor the Electronic & Mobile Payment Conference and are    committed to partnering with int@j, CBJ and MoICT to revolutionize this sector and set    Jordan as a successful role model within the Middle East.”    The Electronic & Mobile Payment Conference discussed the development of mobile and    online payment systems, and featured several industry specialists who highlighted key E&M    payment opportunities and challenges. The Conference also demonstrated the latest local    and regional technologies and innovations which indicated the significant development of,    and increase in, e-Commerce transactions.


Ameer Ben Malek, Jordan