Austria Card and Middle East Payment Services complete installing card scripts for SDA & DDA.

Amman, June 2014 - Middle East Payment Services (MEPS), a licensed issuer and acquirer of MasterCard payment solutions and a processor of all types of MasterCard transactions in Jordan, Palestine and Iraq, has certified Austria Card, a leading card manufacturer in Europe with their regional operation HQ based in Amman-Jordan. “We are proud to be playing a part in moving forward with the latest requirements for a secure card environment. This achievement is a testament to our ongoing efforts to protect consumer interests and deliver cutting-edge payment services,” commented Haitham Barakat, MEPS Quality Assurance & Risk Management Assistant General Manager. “By successfully adding the option for Dynamic Data Authentication (DDA) chips to be personalized within our premises alongside with Austria, we will ensure that the Banks can benefit from increased protection,” he added. for the MasterCard products. Bringing our part superior workmanship, design, and production associated with our cards, Austria Card also brings a unique after-sales service to the table that constitutes our unchallenged USP,” said Eng. Fadi Nashashibi, Austria Card’s MENA Business Development Manager. “With our regional operation based in Jordan, and our certification by MEPS not only for Standard Data Authentication (SDA) but also DDA MasterCard chips, we’ve created a set up that is close to our clients to give them the full benefit of our swift and continued after-sales service,” he added.   This latest development will enable local and regional banks who are currently using MEPS, as well as those who are considering to use their advanced personalization services, to benefit from both SDA and DDA set-up and also adding a new vendor whose cards have proven to be of superior quality and workmanship. In addition, partners will benefit from the cutting edge technology and superior services provided by MEPS. For Austria Card this represents a major step towards its expansion in Middle East and Africa.


Ameer Ben Malek, Jordan